We receive lots of questions about the Ramblers in Norfolk and what we do, and below are some answers to the most commonly asked queries (and some we’ve made up that we think should be asked). If you need more help, feel free to contact our area officers.


Q. I need to speak to a media contact.

A. Visit our officers page, the best first points of call are Ken, the area secretary, and Ian, the area vice chairman.


Q. There are a lot of groups, I don’t know which is best for me.

A. There are twelve groups and they’re all a bit different, so we encourage members and prospective members to try walking with a few different groups and see which ones you like the best (or annoy you the least). Once you’ve selected a group you can still walk with any Ramblers group in Norfolk (or the rest of the country) though and lots of our members walk with multiple groups.


Q. When do I have to join?

A. Come and walk with us three times, across any groups you like, and if you like it, then join us  🙂   Also, remember that we’re not just about group-led walks, we also really value members as they can help us with our path protection work. That’s not just in being a member so we can get more funding to help us (although that’s great), but also help in clearing paths, telling us about blocked paths and helping us get our message across.


Q. How do I join?

A. You can join at the national site at http://www.ramblers.org.uk/.


Q. Can I bring a dog?

A. This is our most commonly asked question and the answer at the moment is complex, but we’re working on giving an easier answer. Every group has its own policy, some always allow dogs, some allow dogs with permission and some don’t usually allow dogs. We’re working on a way to put a symbol on every walk where dogs are allowed in our area programme, that’ll happen in later 2019. At the moment, you will need to contact the secretary of the group you want to walk with, or for Hike Norfolk you can post on the walk description on Meetup.


Q. I have an assistance dog, I want to bring it on a walk.

A. We’re working on making this a lot easier, so that there are walks which are clearly marked as suitable for those with visibility issues or those who want to bring a guide dog. At the moment contact the group secretary or the area communications officer, as the easy answer to the question is assistance dogs are welcome. There are a few walks where this is a potential issue, such as when we walk through fields during lambing or where there are obstacles which are problematic for dogs. But contact us, we’ll find a suitable walk or suggest an amendment to an existing one where we reasonably can.


Q. Can I bring another pet?

A. We’re still working on the dog situation, so the answer is probably no. We’d love to say feel free to bring your cat, pit pony, snake, ferret or whatever else, but usually this is a problem. But contact your local group with any specific queries.


Q. Will I fit in?

A. Yes, we have groups which are very professional and mature, and we have Hike Norfolk, with everything in between. Start walking with us, we’re confident you’ll find the group that suits you best.


Q. What do I need to bring?

A. This varies between walks, but always bring sufficient water (and then a bit more) and protective clothing. If a walk is more than a few miles bring lunch, and having snacks is always recommended. If you’re going on a longer walk you’ll need to be more prepared. But don’t over worry about this if you’re just starting out, you don’t really need expensive equipment to walk around Norfolk.


Q. Can the walk leader send me the GPX of the route in advance?

A. Usually the answer is no, because many walk leaders don’t have that facility. But some walk leaders do, it’s best to ask on the actual walk or after it.


Q. Is there a social side to the Ramblers?

A. Yes, nearly all of the groups have their own Christmas meals and get togethers of various kinds. Some have trips away and local days out, and there’s always Hike Norfolk who spend a lot of time at the pub.


Q. Tell me about 2026.

A. Start here. We need help with this, contact Ian or Ken.