Norfolk Area Officers

We have twelve groups in the area and we have a list of officers who work together with those groups to promote our work. We have three meetings a year known as area council meetings and officers, group representatives, members (and anyone else) can come along.


Chairperson : Richard May

Richard is the most important person in Norfolk Area Ramblers (well, actually he isn’t really, but it sounds exciting) and you can contact him about anything you like. If you have a complaint about Hike Norfolk, a query over how the area fits together or just fancy a chat about IT, then contact him! He’s also a national trustee (one of the people who oversee the working of the Ramblers) so he’s in the loop   🙂  He’s also happy to deal with media queries at any time (within reason). Richard’s phone number is 01362 709044.

Secretary : Richard Potts

Richardis the secretary of the area and you can send him general correspondence which you might want passed on to our members, or if you have any queries about our operations. The area phone number (normally going to Richard) is 01603 339024.

Treasurer : Peter James

Peter is the man who doesn’t let Hike Norfolk buy endless amounts of chicken bakes with their budget, he is firmly in control of the area funds and does a great job. If you have any questions about the area’s finances, then send him a message. Also, if you’re interested in path clearance work, then contact him as he’s in charge of that too. Oh, and he’s the head of our publications and sales, so you can see just how busy he is!

Footpath Co-ordinator : Ian Mitchell

Also our area vice-chairman, Ian has been an important part of the Ramblers in Norfolk for decades. His knowledge is encyclopaedia (although he might not admit that) and he knows just about every path in Norfolk. If you have a query about 2026 and the problem with recording paths, he can help. Or if you want help in reporting a problem with a footpath, again send him a message.